Monday, February 7, 2011

Letter To Invite Your Friend For Brother Marriage

Air Spring

Staz Where you go to a beautiful day in late winter?? S. Giulio

A Orta course! We were not the only ones with this idea, as expected, there is a lot of people!

Roby Orta

the background, you see the island of San Giulio


The streets of Orta is always beautiful, colorful and distinctive

Orta villa

villas overlooking the lake

Orta trenino

And the train that runs through the narrow streets barely

Orta Pittore

A painter who reminds me of someone ... :-)

Orta Piazza

The main square

Orta p

You can not imagine how many people queued to get ice cream, we are beginning February! Yet, the cone is right there walking!

Orta Mappa

A map of Orta area ...

Orta bella

clear message!


One of the courtyards


Nanetti to Legro


Legro is a village of Orta where the walls where the walls are copyright, as Pogno.

Legro Cuochini

say, however, that this town is most famous for Cantuccio


Another wall painting ...

villa Crespi

Finally, Villa Crespi


And now we go back home, hoping that this taste of spring last for a few days ...


Mucchino meadows .... MUKKA!


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